Saturday, November 12, 2011

Save Me, from Super Bass Shatter

So Nicki Minaj is coming out with her own line of polish by OPI and these colors are even better than her Pink Friday lipstick by MAC that sold out in like one day (still sad i didn't get it) needless to say with these colors the polish will sale probably as fast as the lipstick! OPI made a GREAT business deal wit this one! and so did Nicki! My 2 (two) favorite colors are Super Bass Shatter and Save me (hints the title (: !) but all the colors are beautiful, as you can tell all 6 colors are named after songs on her album! If i don't get all i have to at least get save me and super bass shatter and possibly pink friday and fly. But i want them all, although i'm not too crazy about "Did it On Em" only b/c i'm not a big fan of green! Can't wait until January 2012!


  1. Ohhh-La-La!!!
    Currently eyeing that eggplant purple color


  2. yea i love that one too! its called super bass shatter!

  3. I am not a big fan of her but I bet that the nail polish collection is gonna be great!