Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

I hope you guys had a great  Holiday and spent it w/ family and friends and Santa brought you everything you wanted!!!!!! Love you Guys!!!!!

From Me and  My favorite aunt!!!! <3
(excuse my hair looks a litte rough)

Monday, December 12, 2011

All of the Lights/ OOTN

So Saturday the babe and I went to Lights in the Heights, its a huge block party where you go and look at all the Christmas lights and carolers, bell choirs, DJ's and live bands. We had a great time it was a lot of fun dancing in the street and laughing and joking! Here are some pictures :)

whoa! talk about festive
simple elegant pretty

bell choir

Bag pipe player! lol

my honey!

Cardigan: Forever 21 gifted from my honey
Shirt: Victoria Secrete 10.99? on sale
Jeans: Forever21 9.50?
   boots: Payless 19.99?
crossbody purse: gifted my grandma!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

OMG!!!!!!!!!! He really listens to me!

So I havent said anything about this on any of my posts but for months i've wanted to get a Remington Pearl Curling Wand! Well guess what?! Yes! I got it!!! I got in my huns car to go to an event called Lights in the Heights ( I'll post pics from that in the next post) and there was this sitting in the front seat passenger side!

I have the greatest boyfriend! he's soooo sweet! Can't wait for christmas and our anniversary!! :)


Holiday Spirit!

I love the holidays! Notoriously for the spending time with my family, cooking, singing, cracking jokes and all kinds of stuff that we do! My usual " Get in Christmas mode" routine is watching 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family usually w/ my mom and brothers (sometimes my dad but he's not a cartoon person)  but since I've been off at school we do it over the phone sometimes or just watch it w/ my boyfriend. Then its the annual family Christmas party that's usually the 2nd Saturday of December that's usually what starts all the jokes and singing and other stuff, and then cooking for Christmas! Then New Years Eve is my honey and I's anniversary so i can't wait to see what he has planned, I've had my eye on this pink and burgundy g-shock, i hope i get it!!! :) Soooooo that's what I do to get into the Holiday Spirit what do you guys do?!

Me and my big brother lol, (i had just come back from 9 hours at the beauty shop)
                                          Me and my Love Bug!!!! :) <3


Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's finally OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished my last final (statistics in criminal justice) today!!!! I am sooooo happy!!!! I now have more time to keep up with my blog like i should! I have a few post that will be up SOON!!! To all those who are still taking finals, good luck!!!! <3

Sunday, December 4, 2011

From Shiny to Matte

I'm sorry you guys i know  i was supposed to post last two weeks ago but i have been sooo busy w/ preparing for finals, apartment hunting and christmas stuff. But I'm back and as promised w/ a video so here you guys go and i hope you enjoy it!!!! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Sorry!!!!!

These last two weeks have been EXTREMELY hectic and I'm getting sick!! Its almost finals and i have papers to finish! I've gotten my presentation out of the way so that's one burden lifted! But I have 3 posts I'm dying to post for you guys so since i have a few days off i'll post them! One will actually be a video!! Yay!!!! lol :) Have a great day guys!!! Oh yea and Whose ready for TURKEY DAY!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Save Me, from Super Bass Shatter

So Nicki Minaj is coming out with her own line of polish by OPI and these colors are even better than her Pink Friday lipstick by MAC that sold out in like one day (still sad i didn't get it) needless to say with these colors the polish will sale probably as fast as the lipstick! OPI made a GREAT business deal wit this one! and so did Nicki! My 2 (two) favorite colors are Super Bass Shatter and Save me (hints the title (: !) but all the colors are beautiful, as you can tell all 6 colors are named after songs on her album! If i don't get all i have to at least get save me and super bass shatter and possibly pink friday and fly. But i want them all, although i'm not too crazy about "Did it On Em" only b/c i'm not a big fan of green! Can't wait until January 2012!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Collegiate Vintage

This was a simple outfit i put together since i only had one class!
I called it Collegiate vintage b/c i paired the Texas Southern University (TSU) t-shirt via the bookstore :) a pair of skinny jeans and some plaid vans( on sale for $29.97) the vintage aspect came from adding the layered pearl necklace, matte Red Lipstick and the tight curled hair oh and can't forget the red nails (blood and silver middle fingers both by KleanKolors). :) Hope you guys enjoy! :)

It's Five O'clock in the Morning!

It's not really 5 AM really, well maybe it is at the time you're reading but not at this moment, lol. BUT anywho, I LOVE The new T-Pain ft. Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa song! I first heard it in the car on the way to the "Trick or Treat Trail" w/ my honey and heard it in the car and instantly fell in LOVE w/ it and can't stop listening to it now!!! Oh and talk about advertising, that new NUVO Lemon Sorbet is looking very tempting! And that clear iPhone is to DIE for!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Floral CowGirl!

 These 3 items i put together today i LOOOOOOVE seperately so when i put them all together i loved this outfit!!!! <3 hope you enjoy these pics!!!! The dress and jacket both have a western flare to it hints the name Floral cowgirl!!!!!

   Dress w/ belt- Forever 21 on sale 15.99
   Jacket - Levi - idk price my grandma bought it for me for christmas a few years back!
   Boots- Charming Charlies -34.97
   Hair-(Outre Duvessa ) U-Part wig i made
   Eyes: Woodwinked(MAC) Pink(MAC) Green and Blue Mix (MAC) Mascara- Maybelline Colossal                            Eyebrow pencil- Spiked (MAC)