Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Spirit!

I love the holidays! Notoriously for the spending time with my family, cooking, singing, cracking jokes and all kinds of stuff that we do! My usual " Get in Christmas mode" routine is watching 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family usually w/ my mom and brothers (sometimes my dad but he's not a cartoon person)  but since I've been off at school we do it over the phone sometimes or just watch it w/ my boyfriend. Then its the annual family Christmas party that's usually the 2nd Saturday of December that's usually what starts all the jokes and singing and other stuff, and then cooking for Christmas! Then New Years Eve is my honey and I's anniversary so i can't wait to see what he has planned, I've had my eye on this pink and burgundy g-shock, i hope i get it!!! :) Soooooo that's what I do to get into the Holiday Spirit what do you guys do?!

Me and my big brother lol, (i had just come back from 9 hours at the beauty shop)
                                          Me and my Love Bug!!!! :) <3


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