Friday, January 6, 2012

Hi Loves

I haven't been blogging and I'm soooo sorry but i think I've come up with a way to organize it the way I want i just have to get the HTML's down for it to be the way i want it! Soooo if any of you guys can help me with that Plz let me know I haven't worked w/ HTML codes since like sophomore year of college (it was only 2 yrs ago) still feels long lol! Well if you guys don't know i love make up as much as fashion so i want to add a section to my blog called "Playing in Make-Up Monday!" and i'll try two maybe three different looks or make up products i love every Monday! I'll do out fit of the days but i'm waiting to get a better camera b/c i don't like the way my pictures come out on the Kodak.... sooooooo if you have any suggestions on great cameras let me know. So if you guys have anything else you think i should or can do to my blog feel free to let me know!!! Also i want to start doing "Feature Fridays" and feature some blogs so also! :) Until next time you Guys!!!!

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  1. Hey gorgeous :)
    Amazing blog, loves it!!
    I am new to blogger so if you follow me I will follow you back =D

    Much Love